About Sioux Falls Airport

The Sioux Falls Regional Airport is the headquarters for South Dakota Air National Guard and its unit 114th Fighter Wing.

The overall area of the airport is 1.570 acres or 635 hectares and is located 436 meters above the sea level. It operates three concrete runways 2.743 meters, 2.438 meters, and 960 meters relatively long. The airport also has a landing area for helicopters, helipad, with the surface area of 15X15 meters.

In 2012, the airport held about 67.475 aircraft operation with the average of 184 flights per day. Out of those, 43% were air taxi operations, 38% general aviation operations, 10% scheduled commercial operations and 8% military operation. By this time there were 111 aircraft based on the territory of the airport, 49.5 % of those are single-engine, 31% are multi-engine, 16% are military, and 4% are jet.

The future terminal planned renovations include construction of additional holding aprons for aircraft by the end of each runway, completion of a west side access road, a new control tower, updated navigation aids for all runways, an additional baggage carousel, conservation efforts, continued pavement rehabilitation, new landing, runway safety zones, a parking ramp, and a new concourse.