Live Arrivals of Sioux Falls Airport

After boarding, the one will be guided by airport signs to the Baggage Claim area where passengers are allowed to pick up bags and suitcases from the baggage carousels. Notably, powder-like substances over 350 milliliters together with some other particular items are restricted to be carried in carry-on bags.
The airport provides services for passengers with reduced mobility or disabled passengers once they have landed in the airport. However, the service might be purchased and discussed with the airline operator managing the flight in advance for at least 48 hours before the arrival.
The arrivals are provided from the cities within the United States mainly and include flights from Minneapolis, Atlanta to Sioux Falls operated by Delta Airlines, from Chicago, Denver to Sioux Falls operated by United Airlines, from Chicago to Sioux Falls operated by Allegiant Airlines, from Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix to Sioux Falls operated by American Airlines.